Our People
We pride ourself in hiring the most skilled and creative talent into Right Infotech (RI).
We retain people with the following characteristics


  • Strong expertise of businesses and processes
  • Understanding our clients business
  • Focus on how RI can add value to our client's business
  • Approach innovative solutions to meet our client's requirements

At RI, leadership is expected at all levels
  • Business/technical knowledge
  • Commitment
  • Innovation
  • Integrity

  • Excellent communication at all levels

    We place high importance on the work culture of all our consultants. We strive
    to bring in team unity and integrity within the organization
Right Infotech, LLC
Right People, Right Solutions
Our Solutions
We provide solutions in the areas where we have good expertise such as

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is a comprehensive suite of processes and technologies
designed to deliver actionable information where and when it is needed. It involves
the application of techniques such as  data mining, data transformation,   statistical
inferences, and expert systems to transform raw data and business information into
knowledge and intelligence.  Business intelligence applications can provide a
dashboard and score card by which the enterprises are able to measure the efficacy
of its processes, compare its outcomes to predetermined benchmarks, and foster a
culture of data-driven decision making.

Data Warehousing

Data warehousing is a coordinated process of extracting data from multiple
operational systems, integrating it, and making it available to decision makers for
strategic and  tactical decision making. A data warehouse provides a foundation for
business intelligence applications.

Information Management

Information management includes software and hardware required to store and
retrieve  information across  the enterprise. We deliver high performance and
scalable long-term solutions. RI’s solutions for high performance rely on a
Methodology and set of best practices developed through years of managing
successful systems in very large, complex data environments